Gin and no tonic

We’re here! I feel more human after a shower, a nap and a cup of tea. Funny how it’s the simple things you crave when your body clock is completely out of whack.

I am in an apartment, currently watching The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, drinking my duty free gin as shots as I have no tonic water. I think it is important to immerse myself in as much culture as possible when I go overseas, and American Culture is so accessible through their ads and TV shows (said with tongue wedged firmly in cheek) . I’ve seen Kiss on American Idol, the last 10 minutes of Survivor to see a guy getting voted off, South Park, and a show called @midnight a game show featuring comedians competing against each other to answer questions from stuff from twitter and YouTube. It’s junk food for my poor tired brain and I am loving it!

Our apartment is on Castro Street a couple of blocks from Market St. The owners are lovely and have thought of everything, like Clipper cards (similar to Myki or Oyster cards) for the public transport which we can use and top up as needed. We have heaps of transport options nearby from streetcars, buses and the metro.

It’s late and my head is spinning, so it’s time for bed.


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