I’m on a plane again/Challenged accepted- 5 years of Bookgrrl

It’s a strange day today, as I am buzzing with adrenalin and lack of sleep. I am going to crash very soon…

As I write this, I am at the airport, waiting for a plane to take me and Mr BG off on an adventure to the United States. The trip that has been talked about and planned for 6 months has finally arrived. I’m tremendously excited, as my last experience of Amercian soil was a two day stopover in Hawaii in 1988. I’m going to visit two amazing and iconic cities,and try and soak up as much of the American culture as I can.

I’m also scared, as I’ll be leaving my little BGs behind for a while in the safe hands of my sister in law Kerry. I KNOW they’ll be okay, but I am still a little anxious about leaving them for so long. A huge pang of sadness hit me when I was in Fiji after 4 days, and two weeks away will be a very long time. While the kids can be totally infuriating, exasperating and can test you physically and mentally, they are a joy and a delight.

I left at the crazy hour of 4am to head to Melbourne for a 9am flight (mental note- never book an international flight at this time again!). I got some sleepy cuddles and kisses before the taxi arrived to take us to the shuttle bus at the railway station.

Hurtling down the freeway, my brain churning as my eyes wanted to sleep, I realized something else big about this day.

Today is also a bit of a milestone as  five years ago today I published my first blog post. My blog was created, then my first post published within a day. Thank you to the wonderful PS for challenging me over lunch at the Recorded Music Salon so many years ago.

I have said a lot about my kids,  my studies, my life and love of Melbourne and its fantastic laneways and eateries. I have also written of my life in Ballarat, all 10 wonderful and crazy years that I have been there. I have written about books, food, people and places I have been. I have shared my life with you and it has been wonderful to see feedback, comments and messages. It has been wonderful to meet people who have read my blog and to develop friendships with you all.

I haven’t been as prolific as I was, and I guess this comes down to life getting busier with a full time job, and spending time with the BG family becomes a greater priority. Don’t worry, I still have lots to say, especially in the next couple of weeks 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m on a plane again/Challenged accepted- 5 years of Bookgrrl

  1. 8.15
    The little BGs are fed and dressed and enjoying some down time before heading for school.
    Relax and enjoy some couple time.
    You both work hard and have earned this.

  2. Hope you have a fantastic holiday. The kids will remember it as them having a holiday too with their Auntie.
    Congratulations on five years blogging. Here’s to the next five. 🎉

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