Pre-flight check

As the days tick down to the next holiday adventure, Mr BG and I are making lists, checking them twice, adding to them and crossing off. Half the fun of going on holiday is the preparation and I am getting excited!

Mr BG and I will be away for two and a half weeks to San Francisco and New York. Mr BG will be playing the SF Popfest and the NY Popfest which is based in Brooklyn.

Accommodation- as we’ve done when we travelled a couple of years ago en famille, we went down the apartment route. It offers a bit of space and the flexibility of eating in, and you feel like you are experiencing life a little bit more like a local. We used Airbnb to book our accommodation and found it really easy to use. You could scale it up and down in price, location and facilities. My non-negotiables were laundry (I have had enough of lugging laundry to laundromats and wasting precious hours in a city)and wifi (if only to keep contact with peeps). A tip- if you mention the word librarian, your hosts are quite welcoming :).

Blogging- I will be blogging as much as I can. It’s fun sharing the trip :).

Children- they’re staying in Ballarat and my lovely sister in law Kerry is coming up to look after them. They’re getting quite excited about aunty Kerry coming and the possibility of their cousin Kate making an appearance. Kerry is looking forward to sampling the many cafes around the lake, visiting the Auld Lang Syne exhibition at the Ballarat Art Gallery and volunteering  as a parent helper in Miss BG’s class. Master BG has vetoed Kerry’s presence, saying it would be ’embarrassing’…My boy is growing up!

Entertainment-Books, crochet, endless movies on the plane- I’m sorted. I think the only way I have seen movies in the last few years has been on planes when the kids were asleep or on DVD.

Itinerary- Time is precious and the fact that we have to factor in two music festivals means we need to block in what to do and where to go. For that reason I love Excel :). In San Francisco we are looking at the Museum of Modern Art, Alcatraz, Muir Woods, riding the Golden Gate Bridge, Haight-Ashbury, Cable Cars, Golden Gate Park, as well as the Festival. New York involves…well, am still in the throes of getting my head around New York, but it will involve shopping, the New York Public Library, Central Park, MoMA, the Guggenheim…As part of our tickets we were given a travel voucher to put towards a tour of some description. We chose to get the New York Pass which provides access to a varitety

LAX- I have heard horror stories about LAX- is it as bad as Dubai? Because Dubai was hellish…We have to transit through LAX to get to San Francisco and back to Australia from New York. My fingers are crossed.

Luggage- we’re travelling light with the same suitcase we used when we went to Tassie for 2 weeks for the 4 of us. This will be packed lightly , and with an additional bag inside it for purchases. Mr BG is keen to buy a guitar when we’re in the US, so we are factoring this into our luggage weight on the return trip

Money- We’ll be taking a Travelex card with US dollars preloaded and some cash for the first couple of days for tipping and initial grocery buys.

Passport- I’m kinda hoping I have a few more stamps to add to my passport. Thanks to my Fiji trip, I have more stamps in mine than Mr BG :).

Phone- I will be bringing my phone with me and switching the mobile data off to avoid charges, and taking advantage of wifi for browsing and using whatsapp for communicating. I am going to get an unlocked phone and then buying a SIM for the US as a means of communicating with Mr BG’s band members. When we get back home Mr BG can use the phone as he doesn’t have one (there’s a blog post in that!)

Technology-We’ll be bringing a tablet and a camera which I can connect to a smart device via wifi to download photos.

Tickets- it’s all paperless now, so I just have to bring my passport. I miss the tangibility of tickets, but boarding passes are still printed and they’re always great to use as bookmarks!

Travel guides- it has been a combination of Lonely Planet, Eyewitness Guides and Trip Advisor for helping with the trip. I have also received advice from lovely ladies at work who have been to San Francisco as well, and from my book club, who squealed when I mentioned where I was off to!

Will- actually, this was something that we should have done years ago. It was after Max passed away last year, that we realised that we needed to document what we wanted to do now rather than waiting until the very last minute. We stipulated who would act as guardians to the kids and what would happen to the estate in the event of death.

That’s it so far, apart from finalising New York, and sorting out getting to and from Melbourne airport. cleaning the house, stocking the pantry and fridge, leaving lots of notes for Kerry…

Are you a list person, or do you just wing it?


7 thoughts on “Pre-flight check

  1. I’m exhausted reading this list! However, I am taking very careful note as I’m off on an adventure in October so will refer back to your list so I’m prepared 🙂 I like lists, I’m just often too lazy to get around to writing a decent one so I end up winging it more often than I would like. I’m interested in your airbnb experience as we are thinking of going down that path for the UK.

    Above all – have fun! x

    • I’ll keep you posted on airbnb, I have used stayz in the past, or something like apartments only when we were in the UK. You will find my house littered with my lists, especially shopping ones. They’re the ones I forget to take with me to the supermarket!

  2. Steph be sure to pre book your Alcatraz island tour tix as they can sell out weeks in advance. Some companies only take you on boat trip around the island and from memory there’s only one company that takes you onto the island. Have a great trip:)

  3. It all sounds wonderful, and I hope that you survive LAX. Boarding passes are my favourite bookmarks as well. I used AirBnB for the first time this year, and I like the fact that you can get a feel of the property and the hosts from the information. There were a lot of steps to go through before I could get the trust of the hosts. I really enjoyed my AirBnB stay which suited me on my solo trip well, not sure if the Mrs would have also enjoyed it as much!

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