Hey little sister. ..

Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’ is playing in my head when I wake up on the day of my sister’s wedding. My second thought is “Shit it’s raining!”,  as I hear the rain gush off the roofs and the spouting.  The day is grey and my third thought is “Fizz is not going to like this”.

I stay in bed and check my emails. The day turns even darker when I realize my flight from Fiji to Sydney has been changed and is later. My connection choice to Melbourne has me arriving at midnight, making a late night train trip impossible. You really feel helpless at the mercy of airlines,  and I feel angry and not a little bit weepy.  It’s Fizz’s day though and I’m not going to spend it moping.
I drown my sorrows in French Toast and fruit, catch up with Fiona who has taken her nervous husband to be to the shops for some retail therapy. It reminds me of my wedding day when Mr BG was very nervous- I still remember his clammy hands and dry mouth at the wedding ceremony.
Heading to her hotel room later in the day,  I see she has been transformed,  with glamorous wedding make-up and hair. The last couple of hours are spent quaffing champagne,  getting dressed and then wrangling two little people into their clothes!


Seeing her walk up the aisle with Dad, glowing with happiness, and then having her little family mill about as the ceremony was conducted was incredibly special.
2014-04-05 16.14.06

Despite the inclement weather, Fiji gave one last present to the happy couple with a spectacular sunset as we headed into the wedding dinner.
2014-04-05 18.14.33I guess you say it was a happy day 🙂


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