Fiji with Fizz

I’m off to Fiji alone.

I never thought I would ever put that in a sentence,  but there you go!

My lovely sister Fiona,  known to the family as Fizz, is getting married.  She and her partner had travelled there a few years ago and loved it,  and decided to share the love with their families and friends.

My two brothers have traveled from London for the occasion,  and I am currently at Sydney airport awaiting my flight to Nadi. 

Owing to another trip next month (!!), we could only afford to send myself. I could look upon this as reconnaissance for a future family holiday- a resort holiday is something that I have never done!

It is also a chance to catch up with my family for a joyous occasion.

I’m missing my family already

One thought on “Fiji with Fizz

  1. Hope you have a fantastic time. Sometimes it is great just to be YOU. Not someone’s wife or mother. They will appreciate you more when you get home. 🙂

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