#amonthinthelife- Day 17

Master BG is given a homework sheet at the start of each week, to complete by Friday. It involves a combination of maths, basic grammar, reading tasks and an exercise activity. I usually go through the sheet with him and talk to him about the tasks, some of which have to be signed off by a parent.

Our conversation led from one thing to another, and before long we were discussing annoying habits online (he’s been looking at cybersafety at school). He thought trolls were annoying, as were people who leave ill-informed and grammatically incorrect comments on news websites (actually I think that was his dad who said that…). After some thought, he decided people who take selfies and use hashtags were also incredibly annoying. So I did what every mum should do and be as annoying as hell to their offspring, and took a selfie with Master BG and posted it up with hashtags.

I love being a mum…

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