#amonthinthelife- Day 14

Frock Friday! #frockfriday #amonthinthelife #everydaystyle #redfordaniel

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I don’t usually post photos of myself on my blog, and in the past week I have posted two- but it is a month of my life, so I may as well appear in it :).

Red is one of my favourite colours, and this is one of my favourite frocks. It’s a simple cotton, with pockets (yay!) and I have had it for 3 years now. I took it with me when I went overseas 2 years ago, and it will come with me when I head off to the Us in a couple of months.

The colour red has another significance today, with the conviction of Brett Cowan for the murder of Daniel Morcombe. Championed by Nikki Parkinson of one my favourite guilty-pleasure blogs Styling You, there are a lot of people today wearing red to support the Morcombe  Family and their foundation

Nikki also hosts an #everydaystyle event where people post photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and this is the first time I have played along.

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