#amonthinthelife-Day 5

Lineup #nycpopfest2014 #amonthinthelife

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This morning Mr BG dashed to the computer, as if he were a child on Christmas morning. He wanted to see the lineup for the New York Popfest, which was released at 6am AEDST. He has been hanging out for weeks for the announcement, and has been counting down the days.

Regular readers may be aware that about 4 months ago, he was asked to play at this festival, and that a poll I ran on this site asking you all if I should accompany him and leave the kids at home with my sister in law voted overwhelmingly YES! The official announcement means the information is no longer embargoed.

For those with good eyesight, Mr BG is performing as Bart and Friends, but will also be performing with a former bandmate from 20+ years ago, Pam.

So it’s now official. Flights and accommodation have been booked and paid for, visas secured, and leave requested. Rehearsals are beginning in earnest

We’re going!!!!!


One thought on “#amonthinthelife-Day 5

  1. His sister is incredibly proud. Just been having fun browsing through the official website reading about all the other artists.

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