Tassie 14- This is the End

We were staying in a country house near Promised Land and Nowhere Else- don’t you love place names?

Kentisbury was quiet, isolated, idyllic, with a Tuscan/Provencal feel. The house was nestled amongst lavender and rose bushes and lots of bees. The first night we were there, we relaxed outside with cheese and wine looking out at the mountains. We had no phone nor internet, and it was a great to relax with no disruptions, after a day of driving. Miss BG made friends with Basil the resident dog and once again announced she was going to have a dog when she left home.

2014-01-23 17.40.36

Our second last day was spent at Tasmazia, just down the road. It’s a complex of mazes and the kids loved getting lost. The big maze had a long list of things to find within it, so you could tick them off one by one. It kept us all amused for quite a while.

We had morning tea there and Mr BG and I shared  scones on steroids. Two huge scones and a mountain of cream came out, the cream sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles.  Actually I had to share my scone with the kids they were so huge!

scones on steroids

Then all of a sudden it was time to go! We said goodbye to our lovely hosts and left for Devonport. There is a great little bookshop in the Rooke Street Mall, where we spent up a storm, but the final destination in Devonport- which was a rock climbing/laser tage/indoor play centre with science museum was not as great in reality as it looked on paper.

Despite that, it was a nice day as we went for a walk down the Mersey River and spied our ride home.


The return trip home was a bit rockier than before. The wind was around 30 knots, with swells up to 2 metres. Sitting in the cabin with Miss BG while the boys went to the theatrette to see a movie, I pretended it was turbulence :). The sleep that night was not a restful one, but I remember walking up and feeling the rocking had ceased. We were through Port Philip Heads and nearly home.

seasoned travellers

The kids were excited to get home to their own rooms (after nearly two weeks of sharing a room with all the associated squabbles, so were we) and I wanted to crawl into my nice bed that didn’t rock and sleep. Our drive home through a very quiet Port Melbourne, a nearly deserted Westgate Bridge and freeway was speedy- oh straight, wide roads, how I love you!!!


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