Tassie 14- Heaven is a place on earth

We had three nights in our beach house- I never really thought I would say those words. We’re not known for our tanning abilities, given our Scots-Irish heritage, and the Victorian beach experience has lovely sandy beaches with nary a shady  spot. The combination of a quiet beach, plus shade, plus not having to travel long distances in the car made this a beach nirvana for us.

The kids went to the beach a couple of times each day, and we rested, read and relaxed. Internet access was patchy, which was frustrating at first, but good. You need to let go and disconnect once in a while.

The last full day saw us up early to tackle Wineglass Bay. It’s a bay accessible by walking track or by boat and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It was one of the reasons why I wanted to be here. We were close to the car park, so we just walked up from our house, and began the climb up to the lookout.

The walk could be tackled in two parts- the lookout and the actual beach itself. The walk up to the lookout is on a track which is quite wide and well maintained, with a separate track for the return journey to minimise disruption to vegetation-

We went up early to beat the warmth and the crowds, which was a good idea. We encountered a few families along the way up, which took about an hour to do.

This was the view that greeted us at the lookout

2014-01-22 09.48.22So I kinda had to go down… but the track down was rocky and not great for little legs. In the end I headed down with Master BG and the others returned home.

It WAS a scramble, with the guides recommending it to be a tricky track. This was what greeted us…

2014-01-22 10.35.34Hardly anyone about, crystal clear waters and the sand! There were a couple of boats in the bay, and a few people having a dip, but it was quiet.

Walking along the beach though saw a couple of catastrophes occur, with Master BGs hat blowing into the water, and our feet getting soaked from dashing in to retrieve it. It made for a grumpy Master BG on the return trip, which wasn’t as bad as I thought, going up was easier than coming down.

We encountered more people on the way back, some people trying to do the walk in thongs (???), and one lady in a silk dress and jacket, parasol and playing loud pop music. Props to her though, she was wearing runners :).

Master BGs mood had improved by the time we arrived home, just in time for another dip at the beach.

Dinner that night was in Coles Bay at Tombolo Cafe. We ate fresh oysters and fish caught locally that day, washed down with a local pinot gris, and later fell asleep soundly for another adventure the next day- heading to the Promised Land…


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