Tassie 14-Echo Beach

It was a long trek to our next stop, made somewhat longer by a side trip to Zoodoo at Richmond. I say somewhat longer, as the zoo’s website neglected to put a map or any worthwhile directions on it, and road signage in Tasmania can be a tad hit and miss.

The zoo had meerkats, Tasmanian Devils, white lions, and wallabies, that Miss BG adored because she could could pat them. We got a chance to see meerkats being fed, as well as the Tasmanian Devils, both of which were quite entertaining!


Driving up the East Coast, we encountered some very windy and narrow roads, at one point driving on a very narrow road with a cliff face on one side and a straight drop down to a river on the other. I was beginning to pine for straight boring roads, rather than chicanes and curves, and my eyes were beginning to ache. We stopped off at Orford for a quick break and said hello to the East coast, a lovely beach and warm sun.

2014-01-20 13.50.00

An ice cream pit stop at a berry farm near Swansea also revived our spirits, and it was around 4.30 when we arrived at our next place. It was within the Freycinet National Park, on a little dirt track near the car park to walking tracks to Wineglass Bay. I will admit to being quite tired and grumpy after driving, and I was not particularly impressed when I arrived. It was a beautiful house in a lovely location, but all I could think about the time it had taken to get here, and my eyes hurting and the mountain of laundry I had to wash and how I just wanted to curl up and be by myself.

Mr BG bless him, took the kids down the track for a little walk, while I had a cup of tea, began to unpack and find my bearings, and my mojo. I was much sorted by the time they came back, very excited by the beach which was at the end of the track, about 50 metres away. We went down later, the kids braving the chilly water, while we sat under a tree and marvelled at how you could have a little beach with shade and with hardly anyone around.

I was even able to pick up and do some crochet for my snowflake Crochet Along, and a little heart as well. All are unblocked, but looking good!

2014-01-21 14.41.12


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