Tassie 14-the Grand Old Duke of York

Friday and Saturday saw us still in Hobart.

On Friday morning, we took the kids to Narryna, a museum just up the street from our house The Grand Old Duke. It was the former residence of a Retired sea captain who settled in the house with his family. With the door closed, we had to ring the bell to be let in by a lovely lady. It felt as if we were visiting someone’s house rather than a museum! We wandered from room, admiring the furnishings of yesteryear, which had been donated to the museum, largely by maiden aunts, or families keen to get rid of all the old stuff in their attics. The visit was topped with a friendly cat which demanded attention and a visit on the way home to an ice cream shop. A hot summer’s day definitely needs some form of respite.

The afternoon saw us visit the Hobart Aquatic Centre, eventually…I was not finding Hobart to be the easiest of cities in which to travel. As it had been a hot day, the centre was crowded, and not in a pleasant way. We left after 40 minutes, our eyes stinging from the excess chlorine in the pool.

After a yummy dinner at the Shipwrights Arms, or Shippies, we walked back, admiring the local houses and their gardens. One lady had planted the nature strip as a garden, which was now maintained by the council and by the local residents. It was gorgeous.

We were leaving Hobart on Saturday, but I couldn’t go without heading to the Salamanca market. I had been there early Friday morning on a run and seen it very quiet. As we approached, you could see the place buzzing. It was packed, and in some areas, it was impossible to stop and look. You really had to wonder if any of the stalls were successful, as lots of people just seemed to walk past through the market.

I caught up with Rachael, from work, who was also in Tasmania, with her family. We managed to find a quieter place at Parliament Square to chat with the alpacas!

I was going to buy some cheese from the Bruny Island Cheese stall, but the lady there was a tad brusque with me and Miss BG, so I didn’t bother. Instead we bought some jam, handmade soap, crochet brooches and scarves, and some lunch.

We were headed to Port Arthur, via Richmond. We stopped off at Richmond bridge, took the obligatory Richmond Bridge photo, then did a spot of church visiting. We were looking for the Anglican Church as this was where a great great grandfather of Mr BG had been married. As someone who is a naturalised Australian, it is intriguing to be married to someone who can trace his ancestors’ presence in Australia over 200 years, not to mention the number of convicts in his family tree :).

After a long day of driving, we arrived in Taranna, about 10km out of Port Arthur. We made do with a make do dinner of cheese and biscuits and fruit and yogurt and retired. A big day tomorrow!


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