Tassie 14- Our House in the middle of the street

Full credit to Mr BG for selecting this place. It is in Battery Point, a stone’s throw from Salamanca Place and the docks, on the top floor of a National Trust listed building. The floors are polished Huon pine, and the beds are high and very comfortable. You feel as if you are in the middle of an English village!

Room with a view #tassie14 #Hobart #batterypoint

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It really is a great place from which to explore Hobart on foot, and so we did. It was a car-free day and we headed off to the museum for a spot of Culture.

There was a great room de tailing the social history of Tasmania- a wall of stickers and posters detailing the struggle for the environment and for the decriminalisation of homosexuality, a vat for mixing chocolate, and hiking gear and paraphernalia.

At the museum #tassie14 #Hobart

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There was a Thylacine room and a room dedicated to the history of the Tasmanian Aborigines. Upstairs in the art gallery little people could draw from the collection or a placed still life.

Franklin square was where we had lunch and the kids ran around the fountain. They heartily approved of the giant chess board, and trees which they could climb :).

We stopped off at the local supermarket to grab essentials like bread, milk and fruit. After a couple of journeys to the supermarket, I knew to keep a shopping bag in my handbag, as Tasmania has legislated against free plastic bags.

We followed the same routine as had done overseas, with activity in the morning, and quiet time in the afternoon. With the kids and Mr BG at base, I took a quick walk around the streets, in the hope of getting free wifi, but sadly this was not to be the case. Instead I got a nice short black and a couple of minutes to myself.


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