Tassie 14- Highway to (Hobart)

Our final day in Launceston was Wednesday. Packing up the car early, we headed to Cataract Gorge. Despite the cloud cover, it was still humid, a left over from the heat of yesterday.

Miss BG spotted two wallabies peeking out from the bushes, one of which was a baby. It was cute to see her crouching down, totally engrossed in these little creatures metres away, with no fence between them.

We took the chair lift across the gorge which was amazing, and a little scary at the same time. Having a six year old wriggle and be quite laissez faire about one’s safety can take away some the awe about crossing such a beautiful natural wonder.

Chair lift #tassie14 #Launceston #cataractgorge

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We were on the road to Hobart and I was glad to be in the air-conditioned car. The road was quite good, with lots of overtaking lanes on the highway, and much of the towns were now bypassed.

We arrived in Ross for lunch and wandered about the town, much to the chagrin of the kids. There was much whining and dragging of feet, as we took in the bridge, the Ross Female Factory and the Wesleyan Church at the top of the hill. In retaliation, I took Master BG into an antique store and walked around and looked at EVERYTHING.

Eventually we left Hobart, hit a 10 minute road block in 32 degree heat (not good) and finally got to the outskirts of Hobart. We took a scenic detour through the CBD, before driving though Salamanca Place and up the hill to Battery Point. Hello Hobart!

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