Tassie 14- Doing it for the kids

On Tuesday, I went for a run in the cool of the early morning and went to Cataract Gorge. There were a few friendly runners and walkers also taking advantage of the weather before the heat struck, but it was still quiet. I disturbed a wallaby which jumped off into the undergrowth, and said hello to a peacock, but that was it.

It was also a great chance to check out the buildings. It is a very pretty town, with lots of lovely old houses and cottages. Quite hilly too, as my poor legs discovered!

First outing with the family was QVMAG (Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery) at Invermesk. Across the river, near Aurora Stadium, it comprises an interactive science museum, a railway museum, planetarium, and a collection of Tasmania historical artefacts. It is owned and operated by the Launceston City Council and was excellent. The planetarium show was informative, despite Miss BGs insistence that she HAD to go to the toilet Right Now. It gave the kids another reason to stay up till 10.30 to look for constellations.

The Phenomena science section had the kids engaged for ages, there was perception tunnel which truly has to be tried out to be believed. It was well lit, which is a change from Scienceworks and other science exhibits we have visited. I think my favourite exhibit from the museum was a caravan built in the 1930s and which had never been renovated. It was tiny and very cute, but even managed to have everything you could want, including a bath hidden under the bench seat!

Given the heat of the day (it got up to 35 degrees, which wasn’t as hot as the 40s that Victoria was experiencing), we decided to take the kids to the Aquatic centre. A slight delay though, as I did a U turn in the street to grab a park near our house, and clipped the side of the gutter. A hissing sound was heard- flat tyre…

Thankfully, the RACV has a reciprocal relationship with the RACT and I was able to get roadside assistance. The mechanic was very helpful and recommended a tyre shop not far from the house, so I was able to nip over and get the tyre sorted out. I had to come back later to get the tyre, so we headed off to the pool.

The Launceston aquatic centre is massive, with both indoor and outdoor play areas, an Olympic sized pool, a hydrotherapy pool and a water slide. It has been at least 30 years since I have been on a slide, and I shamelessly used my kids as an excuse to go down with them. The squeals of the kids, the rushing water, the splashdown at the end- I was 13 all over again. After a couple of slides, the kids were more than happy to head down by themselves. Then Mr BG decided to have a go and finished off the last of the rides. His last ride had him sliding head first :).

A great day, even with the tyre fiasco. I went back to the tyre shop to pick up my new tyre and get the spare replaced. Another car caught my eye. A DeLorean, in what could be described as unrestored condition, was sitting in the lot. I am still kicking myself for not having my phone to snap it…

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