Two words for 2014

Be challenged.

Last year was about being mindful, of thinking and reflecting on my actions- or rather, thinking before I act. I realised that by being mindful and reflecting upon mistakes and lessons, I learned about my own limitations and capabilities.

This year it is about pushing myself to undertake tasks- and to complete them. Being mindful is something which will keep me on track, but last year made me aware that I need to push beyond my limitations and extend myself a little bit more. I did do that that with my new job, in a different organisation, doing things I haven’t done before.

I will be participating in a Crochet along, inspired by Tony who undertook a Knit along last year. This will involve crocheting snowflakes, which I can see popping up as Christmas decorations on my Christmas tree :).

I have also signed up for  the Year of Ethical Fashion, coordinated by Pip from Meet me at Mikes.

I want to move more, and get back into cycling more and running more. The cycling is a challenge as I‘ve got to learn how to ride without falling on my side when I struggle with unclipping myself from the bike :).

I also want to fit into a whole range of dresses I have in my wardrobe, so I will be continuing to exercise more regularly, be mindful of what I eat and continue to cut the crap from my diet.

I also want to engage more. I am a sucker for signing up to things, but not really engaging with people much after that. I will have to push myself to be a bit more and chat, go to meetups or lunches, and really step out of my shell.

The first thing though that I have to do is to get ready. I’m on holidays and today we’re off to Tasmania! We’re going over on the ferry and driving around to Launceston, Hobart, Port Arthur and Coles Bay, to name a few places. Maybe my first challenge will be to blog it!

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