Half the fun of receiving a gift is the anticipation, which is why I have always enjoyed the Twitter #secretsanta undertaken by a group of librarians each year. Organised by @katejf, the call goes out to interested peeps in early December with names and addresses sent out around the second week of December. The cost of the gift is $10 which does not include postage and it is sent as soon as possible, with fingers crossed it arrives before Christmas.

Over the past couple of years, I have received a book, celebrating the history of books, a string shopping bag (which accompanied me overseas last year), a cookie cutter and this year a lovely set of Babushka measuring cups.

It is fun not only receiving, but giving a gift! You usually have a good idea of a person’s interests through their tweets and posts and you go with that, crossing your fingers in the hope that the recipient likes their own present. My own references to baking, opshopping and reading have no doubt been used by my secret santas over the years to influence my presents :).

So to all my secret santas- thank you for the lovely gifts and have a happy Christmas

One thought on “#secretsanta

  1. How lovely! I did #nzsecretsanta this year which was a pretty cool experience; much bigger pool of people from all kinds of backgrounds! My own recipient didn’t tweet too much, just that they “love surprises” so I took that to mean that whatever I got them would hopefully be a good surprise 🙂 Will have to participate next year – didn’t hear about this one in time 🙂

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