Should I stay or should I go?

A few weeks ago, Mr BG was rehearsing for a show as part of Melbourne Music Week. His band members were mulling about playing overseas together. “Not just any festival, New York would be good,” declared one band member.

As fate would have it, a couple of days later, the organisers of the NYC Popfest contacted Mr BG inviting him to play! Everyone was incredibly excited, and Mr BG started sourcing accommodation and mulling over playing in San Francisco.

This was not going to be a family trip, and I was quite happy to stay at home while Mr BG went on tour- honestly.

Then my sister-in-law Kerry offered to come up to Ballarat to look after the kids while I went with Mr BG…My initial thoughts were “I have no leave! What if something happens? This is the furthest I will have been away from them!”

But I have never been to New York, and it would be a great chance to catch up with a friend who lives there, and visit the New York Public Library, and Central Park, and the Empire State Building and go shopping…

So I am asking the universe…should I stay or should I go?


6 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. What a fantastic opportunity. There is no way I would be staying at home, particularly if my sister had offered to look after the kids. Remember they will appreciate you even more when you get home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. Ooh Steph, this is a hard one for me. When my kids were little, I think I would have found it almost impossible to leave them to go that far away – in spite of knowing it would be a wonderful, fabulous opportunity and knowing all the intellectual stuff about them being fine without me. I can’t honestly say what I would have done. In fact, even with mine grown up and just about gone I think I would still struggle with the actuality of this decision (as opposed to the idea of doing it!). I hope that whatever you do, you enjoy it and feel that you’ve made the right decision x

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