Moments of time

My new job has meant that I have more time for my gorgeous Mr and little BGs. I can spend time with them in the morning, rather than skulking at the back of the house to get ready for work, drop the kids off to school and pick them up after work. I am home at a more reasonable hour and rather than do a mad rush in helping Mr BG get dinner ready, I can linger for a moment, and have a conversation about serious things like what’s happening on Doctor Who before doing a mad rush in getting dinner ready.

What has happened is that there is less time for this blog. My thinking time on the train has dried up, and when I am at home I am occupied with the usual things like getting tea on the table, listening to reading, trying to keep on top of the washing, and maintaining a modicum of hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom.

I have also found that working full-time in a new job that is challenging and different (after being in the same place of work for the past 10) takes a lot out of me. I find waking up in the middle of the night, pondering over things I need to do and ought to have done, mulling over lists of tasks to do and generally worrying. My headspace is full enough without my blog, and all the energy I would have expended on writing is channeled into emails, phone calls and attending meetings.

Hence my lack of blogging. The only reason why I am able to write this is it’s Sunday afternoon, the washing machine is chugging away through the first of many loads of washing and everyone else is watching TV. It’s a brief moment of time for myself where I can sip a cup of tea and bash away at the keyboard.

I am hoping for more moments of time, to finish draft posts  and to keep on finding things to say!

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