There’s an opp shop in my street!

St. Peter’s Anglican church in Sturt Street has an op shop in their hall on a Friday from 10am to 2.30-ish. It’s a minute’s walk from my house, and with Master BG eager to escape from the house for a short while (he’s got a cold and was home from school), it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

It’s mainly clothes, with a little bit of bric-a brac, and they have a cupboard of manchester and napery. What I love about it is that when you walk into the foyer, the volunteers are always milling about, chatting and often having a cuppa.

When I was paying for my items, they were discussing the latest news of the Ballarat diocese allowing female deacons to be ordained as priests. One lady was bemoaning the fact she would be away during the ordinations for two female deacons already working in Stawell and Warrnambool. ‘You know, my husband would be turning in his grave at the moment’ she declared. Another lady nodded.’So would mine,’ she said, with a grin. I somehow get the feeling they were revelling in the news.

It’s also quite affordable- I bought a top for myself and 2 dresses for Miss BG for the princely sum of $8. Now I just need the weather to improve  so my daughter can actually wear them

3 thoughts on “There’s an opp shop in my street!

  1. A perfect day. I can just picture the church hall and volunteers, as I spent many a dusty but happy afternoon in the company of my mum and her friends at various jumble sales and fetes.

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