Day off in Burnley Street

I was driving down Burnley Street, Richmond a while back and noticed a couple of shops I wanted to visit. It was a bit hard to check them out at the time as Mr BG and the kids were in the car with me, we were all tired and just wanted to get home, so I made a little promise to myself to visit one day and check them out.

Yesterday was the day! I had a flex day, and hopped down to Melbourne, to catch up with friends for coffee and to indulge myself.

The first shop was Minette’s Vintage, which was a darling little shop, full of beautiful vintage clothes, quirky cards and essential vintagey-looking things like wooden pegs and scrubbing brushes.

The second was The Industrial Revolution, which was furniture, and soft furnishings with a industrial/metal vibe.

Both shops were very cool and great in which to poke around and peruse. I didn’t buy anything in either, but it wasn’t a wasted trip. It was lovely to be by myself and do something I wanted to do, even if it was in the rain, and I didn’t have an umbrella :).

I did however get lucky and spied an opshop which was open! It was St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church Op Shop in Burnley Street and I did not leave empty handed.

Opshopping in Burnley St :-)

I scored a white scarf ($1), a pair of peep toes shoes ($5), a jacket ($10) and a top ($3). It topped off what was a lovely day off.

And no housework was done either!


4 thoughts on “Day off in Burnley Street

    • They were doing some renovations to the outside of the church when I visited. It’s a bustling area and I can imagine it’s still an active congregation there.

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