Small Pleasures

On the weekend we embarked on a road trip to Toora for a family get together. My sister in law Kerry introduced me to a few things- her first crocheted granny square (yay!) and a book by Maeve Haran “Small Pleasures to save your life“.

It is often the small things from which you derive pleasure  in the midst of a crazy day. Of the various ones in the book, ‘good bread'(I love my bread!), ‘matching underwear’ and ‘holding a small child’s hand’ were my favourites.

For me, I was very lucky to have an entire weekend of small pleasures.

Stopping off at Tooradin for lunch at the Pelican Cafe and a quick dive into the discount bookshop much to the kid’s delight.

Kerry’s garden, full of surprises and a creek!

Spring coming in the pear orchard next door.

Kids getting along (temporarily!) and seeing them with their cousins Brad and Kate and Lou.

Drinking port and toasting marshmallows by the fire (it was too dark and my hands were full :))

Drinking a very good bottle of wine, in celebration of Max.

Using the good china for a cup of tea.

What small pleasures do you enjoy?

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