Going nude

I went nude last week, as did Mr BG and this week, it was the kid’s turn.

Well, it felt as if I were nude 🙂

After at least 4 months of winter (Ballarat do have long winters) I ventured outside last week WITHOUT A COAT.* I haven’t worn boots for about a week! Spring has sprung and it feels great. You feel quite naked the first time without that protective layer, but then it becomes tremendously liberating. Little things like no coats, little buds on trees and the ability to put your washing out on a line and bring it in dry are huge deals after you have lived through a winter here!

As for the kids, well it wasn’t so much them, as their food that went nude. I ran out of glad wrap and popped their cheese and ham rolls into their lunchboxes wrapperless. The feedback from the kids (it’s important to obtain regular feedback in order to satisfy your user’s needs says my inner user-experience guru)  was

“It was good- the teachers have been talking about nude food and this is what I’d like to do- can you take the Tiny Teddies out of their packets and put them in the lunchbox?” (Master BG)

My response” Then the wrapping is at home- what about other biscuits?”

“You could make ANZAC biscuits!”(Miss BG)

And that is how I ended up baking after work a batch of ANZACs that will hopefully last until tomorrow, because everyone snaffles them up…

6 thoughts on “Going nude

  1. We’ve had a taste of lovely warm weather here but the cold weather is predicted again for some of next week. 😦 We will probably have to light the fire again!

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