For Max

I have signed up for Dry July. For 31 days, I will forgo the bittersweet taste of a gin and tonic, the refreshing draught of a local Learmonth cider, and an after dinner port. Dry July is aimed at helping improve the lives of adult cancer sufferers and their families. A waiting room where I spent a lot of time last week at the Royal Melbourne Hospital was funded from proceeds from Dry July. The money is directed to the cancer centre of your choice- mine is the Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre

support me with dry july

I signed up in memory of my brother in law Max. He was Mr BG’s brother and he died early Saturday morning of complications related to cancer. His two sisters, a niece and Mr BG were all there at his bedside when he died.

There was a 15 year age gap between Max and Mr BG, but they shared many common interests. Max was a huge influence on his younger brother and instilled a love of music, Asian food and travel that has never left him. They travelled together, went to gigs and shared many a meal when Mr BG was in his youth. There are many memories of meals eaten in Max’s flat on the coffee table with the music playing in the background.

In a family of Cats supporters, he was the sole Magpie, but he had a passion for all sports, especially rugby. He enjoyed his Guinness and there were a few lunches I had with him that involved an Irish pub or two.

For someone who was an intensely private person, he had many friends. He had so many visitors, there was a queue to see him in the hospital hallway at times, and his face lit up with each visitor.

Please click on the image above and donate to my Dry July pledge. Donations of $2 and above are tax-deductible and any amount will be gratefully received.

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