Queens Hall, Parliament of Victoria


Queens Hall sits between the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council at Parliament house.  It was constructed between 1877-9 after the two Houses and the Library were built.  Initially named the Grand Hall,  it was renamed in 1887. It is home to a statue of Queen Victoria as well as portraits of former premiers.
You can also see above in the Minstrels Gallery two additional portraits of Victoria and her husband Albert the Prince Consort. 
The Library was recently involved in having these portraits and their frames restored. This was a huge logistical exercise, involving scaffolding, external contractors and closing Queens Hall to everyone for OH&S. The results are amazing and the conservation process was documented.
While the mission of the library is to provide information to our members, it also plays a role in preserving the Parliament’s heritage, not just for the members, but for the people of Victoria.


5 thoughts on “Queens Hall, Parliament of Victoria

    • We have on staff people whose role has been in managing our images collection, which includes historical images of past MPs. Traditionally the Library has been the one who liaises with artists to commission the Premier’s portraits.

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