Making lists

Sometimes, when I am faced with a deadline, or some insurmountable task, I make a list. By breaking down a task, and trying to quantify something huge into manageable sections, it makes my brain easier to cope.
The ticking off of tasks, no matter how small or inconsequential, gives you that sense of accomplishment and helps you move another step forward.
It is the very act of writing and thinking it through which is quite calming. Just putting pen to paper (typing a list on a device doesn’t feel the same) and seeing the dot points emerge help me think of the next task and the next step.
Sometimes the lists are quite detailed, and other times are simply single word dot points that are so cryptic it takes me a while to discern what it is.
I’m down in Geelong for a couple of days, and the logistics of decamping for an unspecified time took a bit of a list. The brackets are a bit of an explanation…
Dentist (pesky caramels)
School (parent teacher interviews to be cancelled and rescheduled)
Neighbours (for bins and to keep eye on house)
Suitcases (take down)
Lasagne (in fridge)
Tablet and leads

All ticked off and accomplished! And now to sleep…


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