Video- youtube and screencasts #anz23mthings week 6

This is a catch-up post for last week’s theme of Video. I am thankful that there are regular breaks scheduled in the ANZ23mthings program to catch up when the whole work-life-study balance goes awry!

It has been great see the Library-related videos on Youtube, yet I usually prefer checking out Youtube on my desktop. So the challenge for me has been to use video related apps on my mobile.

The last time I accessed YouTube on a mobile device was to look at how to put my bike wheel back on my bike after having changed the tire. I had found a video from a bike shop which demonstrated it and I was able to view it and follow the visual instructions. I have also found YouTube great as a portable instruction guide for crochet stitches as well :).

YouTube on the mobile is geared more toward browsing channels and subscriptions. You have to go into your account in order to access the upload facility.

YouTube screen shot

Using Animoto on my mobile, I created a short video entitled Out And About. I was able to select the background music and images and to upload it to the site from my phone. The steps were quite simple and easy to follow, though it did not really allo for more complex procedures. I found I had to resort to the desktop, though, to add tags and describe the video, as well as to upload it to my Youtube channel.

While mobile is seen as a great way to consume internet content, there are still limitations to providing a fully interactive experience. Apps, while using a simple linear transaction (progressing 1,2,3,4…finish) may not necessarily allow for the full array of options as the desktop experience.

The other issue is bandwidth- a smartphone, unless it is accessing wifi, may be using a mobile network in which data costs are prodigiously expensive. Uploading a video via mobile can be time-consuming and use up data and power.


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