Bookgrrl’s Tea Party

If you ever come over for a cup of tea or coffee, chances are you may find yourself drinking from one of these…

Tea cups

Some of these have been gifted to me by friends, inlaws and my mum. I have bought others from antiques shops, or op shops or eBay. When I took them out, I discovered I had inadvertently created a collection :).

Some of these are used quite regularly (the little ones are great for an espresso from my stovetop coffee pot), and others I rediscovered when I was doing a quick cleanout of my kitchen cupboards on a Sunday morning ( as you do…).

Do you have a collection you have created inadvertently?

p.s. Baked goods may also be on offer with said drinking…

8 thoughts on “Bookgrrl’s Tea Party

  1. Yay- I haven’t had a cuppa at your place for ages!!
    I have coffee cups and tea cups- do you? So, cups I would never drink tea out of, and cups I would never drink coffee out of…well, they are mostly mugs.
    I do get my cups and saucers out every so often as they are fun and pretty.

    • My coffee cup and mug collection is huge and quite eclectic. A lot of them have been souvenirs, mementos and gifts. You will have to come over for a cuppa the next time you’re in Ballarat :).

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