My creative space ( or What’s in my bag)

I read and see a lot of beautiful photos on Pinterest and blogs about people’s creative space. They’re so wonderfully arranged and tidy (though I suspect there has been much tidying up beforehand :))!

It would be great to have, but with a cosy home and four people vying for space, it’s not really an option. So my creative space is a bag. This bag to be precise.

What's in my (craft bag)

It’s a bag Mr BG bought in Berlin in 2010 when we went to the inaugural Indie Pop Days Berlin, and it refers to the group who organised the  festival.

The black yarn is for Master BG who wants handwarmers for school. I made a bright pink pair for Miss BG from a pattern I found on Ravelry by Olivia Kent. The pattern said ‘one size fits all’, but my 5 yr old daughter has tiny hands and I found myself having to modify the pattern a little. It’s just in double crochet (or single crochet in US parlance), but I think it has worked well.

The other yarn is a granny square scarf, also for Miss BG. Once the squares are all done I will do a massive sewing in of all the ends (it’s the job I hate the most :)).

The beauty of this creative space is its portability. It comes with me on the train, to the couch where I can listen to the TV and glance up occasionally, and then gets packed away to the bedroom (or packed away to the dining room table).

I also did a What’s in my bag in 2010.

Bag Lady

Looking at that, I realise I STILL have that pattern and yarn for a scarf to do- another piece of unfinished business :).

4 thoughts on “My creative space ( or What’s in my bag)

  1. As long as I have some yarn and a project or two on the go I will forego a craft room, although I have to admit a bit of envy for those who have a personal creative space. One day for you and I my friend.

    • One day indeed Geraldine! It would be nice to have a place where I didn’t have to lug out a sewing machine every time it’s needed- I swear it’s a major reason why I don’t sew so much :). I am afraid if I had a craft room it would fill up with stuff and stashes that I would never get around to doing anything with…I’d like a craft cupboard with a rollout desk that has a sewing machine and enough storage for a few projects…*plotting*

  2. I like your bag, it’s quite funky. I wish I could knit! I’m more into sewing and dressmaking. We’re building a house, and I’m so excited about planning my craft room! It’s not going to be as fancy as the ones on Pinterest, but it’s going to be my creative space, I’m happy 🙂

    • You definitely need more space for sewing and dressmaking :). How exciting to build a house and plan it the way you want to!

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