Queen’s birthday at the Gallery

Today been decreed to be a screen-free day and I have been given 30 minutes in which to write my post.

With today being a public holiday in honour of Her Majesty (one of the few times of the year I am a monarchist), we journeyed out to the Art Gallery of Ballarat to see The Art of Science,an exhibition of scientific drawings curated by the Museum of Victoria.

Art of Science

The drawings and illustrations were drawn from rare books and folders from the Museum of Victoria’s extensive collection. The richness of the colours against the stark white of the walls was quite dramatic. The collection also heralds a time when discoveries of new worlds in the Pacific brought forth a diverse array of animal life.

At the gallery #happy365 #2013pad #ballarat

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The exhibition also has a collection of macro-photos, the  modern-day equivalent of scientific illustration.

While the children and Mr BG were engrossed in a short film, I had a quick look around another exhibit Living Traditions: the Art of Belief from the National Gallery of Victoria about religious art. The pieces were religious relics, artwork depicting religious centres and all quite beautiful.

However, it was quiet in the Gallery, with very little bustle. It may have been been because the Eureka Flag has been moved to the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, or that it was a sunny public holiday and people were at the Lake.

The permanent collection is good, though it tends to lean towards the 19th Century and traditional works. Its temporary exhibition space is small compared to that of Bendigo, and I think if they were going to attract more visitors, they need to provide more blockbuster exhibitions- and by that I don’t mean portraits of the Queen (sorry Your Majesty).

The cafe though is excellent :).

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