Finished Business – The conundrum of the crocheted cardigan

I had been making a cardigan for Miss BG, but it had been somewhat of a learning curve for me.

I was using a 4ply cotton yarn from Lincraft, called Amalfi. It is the most gorgeous colour, though the strands are not the easiest of yarns with which to work. The cardigan is worked with the back and fronts all the one piece, with a shoulder seam, and two sleeves.

Initially the tension was too loose, so I ended up starting over and switching to a smaller hook to get the tension correct.

I had nearly finished the body of the cardigan and measured it up against the little recipient. One little problem…she had grown, and it was only going to be worn a couple of times.

I was making this pattern in the largest possible configuration, and I could measure up my daughter and make it even larger. Another little problem… I only have enough of the yarn to do it in the current size and drumroll…the yarn has been discontinued by Lincraft, and my local store only had the yarn in a BLUE. Bugger.

A Ravelry member had some of the yarn for sale, but she never replied to my message. So I unravelled again and did it in a smaller size, exceedingly grateful that I have a little niece who will wear it one day :).

And hopefully that day is today, because I have finally finished it, after starting over two times. All ends are sewn in, the button has been affixed and I am off to Geelong today to present it to my sister. Another piece of unfinished business finished πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Finished Business – The conundrum of the crocheted cardigan

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    • Thanks Tony! There are a couple of unfinished projects still to be tackled, but this one was the major one πŸ™‚

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