Thursday’s child is full of whoa!

I increased my hours at work recently but I elected to have a day off from work in which ‘stuff’ gets done. That is today

5.30am- tore myself from a very cosy bed to head to a Bodypump class

7.10am Returned home to a very quiet house and had a shower, and got breakfast sorted. I was going to take a photo of my porridge with rhubarb compote and a dusting of cinnamon, but I was too hungry and gobbled it all up. Likewise with the little espresso coffee I made when Mr BG got up finally (he’s unwell)

7.45 After a brief time perusing stuff online, I ponder breaking the  silence and go to rouse the kids. Master BG comes down and has his Rice Bubbles, followed by his second breakfast of Rice Bubbles (he has just started reading The Hobbit and is quite in tune with the hobbit’s need to eat- he is as skinny as a bean pole nevertheless!). Miss BG is awake but is not as silly as her mummy and chooses to stay in bed.

8.00 Making lunches and supervising Miss BG eating her porridge and peaches.

8.10 The ill Mr BG arises from his bed and makes his way to the kitchen

8.20-8.50 A flurry of activity as kids brush teeth, wash faces, get dressed and hair is done, bags are packed and hustled out the door. Kids are dropped off at school and I then head to…the supermarket!

9.30-10.30 Supermarket shop done I head home, drop off the groceries, put a load of wash in the washing machine then head back to school. I help out for an hour with the Preps answering such questions as “What’s your name?”(Steph)  “Why do you wear glasses?” (Because I used to read in bed at night and my eyes went bad) and “Why do you have a gold tooth” (Because I didn’t brush my teeth very well)

10-30-11.00 head to Wilsons, the fruit and vegie place, whereupon I slip and fall flat on my bum after slipping on a mushroom. Quelle embarrassment. Half the staff come rushing over and eventually the manager comes out, apologises and I have to fill in an incident report. I’m fine, thanks to padding the only thing bruised was my pride.

11.00 Wash out, wash in, tea consumed, beds made and I catch up on some much reading of blogs and news

12-2.00 Lunch and a spot of Game of Thrones watching (I have a backlog of Season 3 and no, I have not yet gotten up to Episode 9). I also do a spot of crochet while watching the PC.

2.00-2.30- Doctors appointment with Mr BG.

2.30- 3.30 Tea, another load of washing put on and dinner popped in oven before I go and pick up kids from school.

4.00-5.00 Head out to laundromat to get clothes dry. I don’t have a dryer and not enough drying space for 3 loads of washing. Miss BG comes out with me and we head out to get some extra bits and pieces.

5.00-6.00 Arrive home and with Mr BG’s help, peel some vegies for dinner. Kids are bathes and pyjamaed and dinner of lamb stew is served

6.00-7.00 Dinner eaten, clothes sorted and put away, school  books read and I call my mum (most important task of the day)

I didn’t do everything on my list. The microwave wasn’t cleaned and the vacuuming and kitchen floor not washed, but can do tomorrow. Ballet stuff for Miss BG will be done Saturday.

I’m definitely not a lady who lunches on her ‘day off’ :).


4 thoughts on “Thursday’s child is full of whoa!

  1. That is a choice you make. Nothing wrong with a girl who lunches on her day off, and it certainly does not mean the girl who lunches is any less busy than yourself 🙂

    • Hello Alexis, my comment about ladies who lunch was a perception that my colleagues who are in paid employment would make about me when I was in part time employment two days a week. I am fully aware of the hard, unpaid work that is undertaken by women and carers who are at home and I would never begrudge anyone a lunch :). Thank you for your comment.

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