23 Mobile Things- or 23 more excuses never to leave home without your phone

It is a strange day when I go to work without my phone- I truly feel my left hand is missing, and as I’m left handed, this is a pretty big deal.

However now there is another reason with the 23 mobile things program.

australia and new zealand flag

This is modelled on the 23 things which was pioneered in 2006/7 by Helene Blowers in the United States and spread to other libraries across the world. Public library staff took it up with gusto, as a means of skilling oneself in the use of new media and technologies without having to attend formal classes. It was self-paced, and led to a surge in enthusiasm for professional development. It also led to a huge swell of blogs now gathering dust (with names I would have loved to use when I first decided to start blogging nearly four years ago :)).

The new program builds upon the original 23 things with the focus being on mobile services and how they can be used to provide a service to library users.

There is an Australian/New Zealand component being coordinated with a

I have joined up, because it should be fun filling in knowledge gaps, a chance to find more library people to chat to  and to quietly encourage staff at work to have a go at it. Given a great deal of our clients are surgically attached to their phones, it may be a good chance for staff to get to grips with what a phone and/or tablet can provide.

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