7 discoveries this week

1. My TV antenna is playing tricks with me. It works perfectly fine except at 7.30 on a Sunday night when I want to watch Dr Who. Electricians as a result fail to see the importance of this issue and I have to wait for DAYS to get it fixed.

2. There is a Book Grocer where you can get books for $10. This is a very, very bad thing. They also have very cool wrapping paper which would look great framed…

3. Master BG has started reading Harry Potter and is very intrigued. He is beginning to discover that perhaps the book may be better than the movie, because you can imagine it your own way, rather than the way the director wishes you to see it.

4. It is unwise to leave your mobile on as it will ring during a staff meeting when the Big Boss is present. SHE WILL NOTICE YOU. Then every time you speak, SHE WILL NOTICE YOU.

5. There is nothing so pleasant as a public holiday mid-week- even if it is on the day you are normally off. It is good to spend the day with your family, and reflect upon why you have the day off, while you make your first ever batch of Anzac biscuits.

6. There is nothing so rewarding as working on a tricky reference enquiry for someone, than learning something about the subject at hand and then being thanked by a grateful person.

7. I am getting a little bit excited about my birthday- because my kids are. I suspect it’s the cake :).


2 thoughts on “7 discoveries this week

    • Indeed! Maybe I should have replaced it with My Kitchen Rules? To boot, the electricians had to come out twice to fix the issue. However I am pleased to report there was no problem with watching it on Sunday night :).

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