Woof woof holiday

“Mum, I forgot to pack Woof-Woof”, announced Master BG on Sunday night. The discovery that a favourite toy has not been packed can strike fear into the heart of any parent, but my big 8 year old son took the news surprisingly well.

Woof-Woof has been the mainstay of Master BG’s childhood and  has travelled everywhere with Master BG- when he was at creche, Woof-Woof (and his other friend monkey) were in his bag just in case he  needed a bit of comfort, and when we travelled overseas woof woof accompanied us. He even had his own passport!

Once Woof-Woof had a brief holiday on Lewis and flew back to London to meet us last year, when we left him sleeping under the covers of our hotel room (he does like to snuggle down under the covers).

While Master BG is slowly growing independent of Woof Woof, we have been giving him updates as to Woof-Woof’s time away from him. Word from the grandparents is that both of the kids have enjoyed the updates.

He has been snoozing on the bed

Woof woof on holiday #2013pad #happy365 #nosean

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Has accompanied me to work

Woof woof at work #happy365 #2013pad

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Helped out in the garden

Woof woof helps out in the garden

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Helped with playing computer games with Mr BG

Woof woof helps Bart with his computer game

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Woof Woof also got a bath and was smelling lovely and clean when Master BG entered the house and asked immediately “Where’s Woof Woof?”


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