Holiday happenings

The little BGs are currently en vacances with their Nana and Papa in Geelong, while Mr BG and I are at work. The kids get to be spoiled and spend a bit of time with their cousins, and Mr BG and I get  to do fun stuff, like work, tidy up kid’s rooms and their toys and clothes, and do a bit of gardening. We may also have a chance to visit a wine bar and perhaps enjoy a meal out at a venue which does not feature a kid’s menu too :).

Before they left, we spent a bit of one on one time with the kids. Saturday saw Miss BG and myself make a quick dash down the highway to the Meredith Harvest Farmers’ and Craft Market. I put the CD on instead of the usual DVD and we listened to 80s tracks on the way down. She was quite into Planet Earth and Blue Monday- I feel I am doing something right for a change!

It was the first time we had been to this market and it was lovely. the money raised goes to support the Meredith Kindergarten and there was a great mix of entertainment, food, crafty stuff and vegies- something for everyone in fact! My favourite bag maker Missy Mao Mao was there with a stall, and it is very hard not to buy something from her  :). Miss BG got her face painted for free, I bought some vegies from the market stall and some plants (selected by both of us) and best of all, we enjoyed each other’s company.

Rainbow butterfly #meredithmarket

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Mr BG took Master BG to the movies where they saw Oz the Great and Powerful, as part of his 8th birthday extravaganza. I’m noticing that Master BG wants to spend more time with his dad, which is lovely to see. This time is currently spent discussing computer games, playing computer games and watching DVDs and Doctor Who together. At the same time I feel a bit redundant, though I know it’s all part of him growing up and becoming more independent. I still feel very glad when I do return home from work and hear him say,’Oh good, mum’s home!’


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