Dinner and a show

Ballerinas #2013pad #happy365

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Ever since her first performance as a ‘bubble’ in The Little Mermaid, Miss BG loves being on the stage. She was mightily cheesed off when she wasn’t picked to be Beauty in the latest production of Beauty and the Beast, but she made for a very good rosebud. Since the age of 3 she has been enrolled in ballet classes, and is taught by the lovely and very patient Miss Renee.

Once a year, the parents are allowed to attend the class and see what the students have been doing. The students demonstrate their plies, pointing their toes and performing a simple dance.

Miss BG put on a show, making faces, shaking her hips and having an absolute ball when it came to ‘catching butterflies’.  She had me in stitches with her antics, and a couple of other mums as well. One mum turned to me and said,”You know…I think she’s more suited to drama, or musical theatre.”

Compared to some of the other little girls, Miss BG is definitely not serious enough to be a ballerina. She loves making people laugh too much :).


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