7 Reasons why I love Readings

I was given a gift voucher to Readings for Christmas from my brother Andrew, which had been burning a hole in my pocket for some time.

A lovely gift

Even though I live far away from the Readings stores (they’re all in Melbourne :(), it  is one of my favourite places to shop. What I love about Readings is

1. Their newsletter which arrives every month, and is chock-full of great reviews written by the staff.

2. The fact that they deliver FREE across Australia.

3. You can use your gift card to buy your books online!

4. There is a lovely person who will reply to your tweets when you run into problems when trying to checkout using your gift card :).
5. They have an awesome website which lists their opening hours, recent blog posts, latest featured titles and bestselling books, links to their social media presences and bookstore events- and it doesn’t feel cluttered!

Readings website image

6.They have a very comprehensive list of categories of books from to browse, and it will tell you if the book is in stock at which store.

7. They call their database of books, DVDs and Music their ‘catalogue’- just like a library! Just gives me the warm fuzzies…

I was able to find some books to buy, being mindful of trying to read Australian Women Writers. Ater participating in the Australian Women Writers Challenge last year, I am making a conscious effort to show support to fantastic writers. no doubt you will hear how I fared with the books I chose.

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