7 Things I have been doing other than blogging

I have written most of this post at a cafe while waiting for Miss BG to have her school assessment. It’s been a while since I have posted anything substantial, so I give you 7 reasons for my absence on this blog.

1. Working. My hours have increased with Miss BG starting school, and there has been a lot going on at work. I have moved desks, in fact to another floor and workspace, and it’s taken a while to get used to the new layout. My deskshifts though, allow me to ponder and check out the gold ceiling…

Looking up #2013pad #happy365

There’s also the travelling involved, which adds up to long days.

2. Crocheting. Mr BG’s scarf  is done and I am tackling another item on my unfinished business list.

3. Riding my bike. My Sunday mornings, which would have been taken up with writing and on the computer have been taken up with riding. My first ride went well, with a mature aged gentleman cyclist offering unsolicited advice on my gears, but I’m getting the hang of it :-). Honestly, who’d have thought riding a bike was so tricky?

Changing a tyre #2013pad #happy365
4. Hanging out with the little BGs. What time I have after school with them has mainly involved nagging for school clothes to get changed, rooms to be tidied and lunchboxes to be removed from bags. There have been visits to the swimming pool, driving kids to soccer and playdates and generally playing mum.

Going down the frog slide #happy365
5. Watching DVDs,  Dr. Blake, and Downton Abbey . I’m more of a DVD watcher, so I can do a marathon binge of a series, or watch a movie when I want, and not have to worry about ad breaks.  The highlights of this have been The Dark Knight Rises and American Horror Story (which creeped me out, but in a good way).

It has been odd tuning in to watch telly for a show at a certain time- as a result I sometimes miss the first ten minutes :). While it’s been great seeing these first run shows,  and not have to wait for the DVD, I am kinda over turning on the TV to find the broadcast has been delayed, and the never-ending ad breaks… It has also been a chance to spend some time with Mr BG, rather than sitting in front of the PC at night time.
6. Squeezing in gym time A couple of classes on Thursday, and one on Saturday is what I am managing at the moment. Any more and I’d go crazy!
7. Cleaning- bathrooms, tidying cupboards, and even dusting. Can’t say it’s been fun, more like character building 🙂

It’s hectic, but I am finding that less screen time has made me somewhat calmer, which is good for my year of Being Mindful 🙂

2 thoughts on “7 Things I have been doing other than blogging

  1. That gold ceiling is amazing. You must work in a beautiful building.
    You squeeze a great deal into your working day. I agree there is no time to wait for ads on the television. I find that now I am retired I have very little time for tv. I watch my sport and that is about it, the rest, like you, is watched on DVD.

    • I’ve made a habit of working in very old buildings :). I think after years of watching kid’s shows and the odd program on ABC, I have gotten out of the habit of the ad break!

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