Rereading, reviewing and reflecting

Somewhat buoyed by clearing up some unfinished business and having a tidy bedroom (for a change), I attacked my Google Reader’s starred posts. I can’t say exactly how many posts I had starred, but they went back TWO YEARS.

The starred posts were like a huge box of trash and treasure- links to posts that no longer existed, to recipes I would never try, or to craft projects I have resolved not to attempt, in my resolution to  Being Mindful. They were a mix of the professional and the personal,  and it took me a couple of of hours to re- read, assess and cull.

And shared. I came across an article which was 2 years old on Three simple marketing rules in libraries and it struck a chord with a number of librarians on Twitter. It popularity truly revealed the staying power of good writing and articles with a strong and simple message.

My starred list is now under control, and I can see everything at a glance. A good online declutter is just as cathartic as a real life one :).


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