Finished business no 5- scarf

I had started knitting a scarf for myself, but I kept losing myself in the pattern, and after a while just gave up.

I decided to rip it out and instead of knitting a scarf for myself, I decided to crochet a scarf for Mr BG.

The yarn is Jo Sharp and the colours were green and grey, with similar tones that quite complemented each other.

I crocheted stripes, lengthwise, using double crochet and a 4mm hook. I would alternate the colours, sometimes doing a double row of a particular colour.

Scarf for Bart #finishedbusiness

The finished product is quite dapper. Mr BG likes it as it’s nice and long, and will keep him warm walking to work when the weather gets cooler.

In other unfinished business news, I also dropped off more of my yarn stash (the remainder stash of my blanket) to a local retirement home. It was part of my operation Clean Up My room which saw me fill a couple of bags of clothes, and tidy up my underwear drawers and remove books from beside my bed to somewhere more appropriate, like a bookshelf :). A good clean out is quite cathartic and makes me feel better.

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