Post traumatic school drop off coffee

I bumped into a friend at a cafe last week. She immediately noticed the absence of any children. “Oh my God,” she said,” You’re having the Post traumatic school drop off coffee aren’t you?”

I guess I was, even if it was two hours after I dropped off the kids, did a grocery shop and had a doctor’s appointment! In fact I hardly spent any time at home, as I thought keeping busy would not have me worry about Miss BG’s first day at school.

School girl

She dawdled over breakfast, jumped into her clothes, grabbed her lunchbox and insisted on going half an hour early. We managed to fob her off with an extensive photo session, and a little chat with her next door neighbour, who was in her class as well. We all trooped up to school and entered the classroom, which was packed with parents, grandparents, siblings and next-door neighbours. I did spot a very bewildered looking teacher in there- I think :).

We unpacked her bag, showed her where to put her lunchbox and settled her at her desk. We gave her a kiss before I started to tear up, and made a quick getaway.

When I picked her up, all was good, and she was noted for her excellent packing up skills (a skill she has yet to demonstrate at home :)).

*This post is over a week old, as I was dealing with a little issue regarding the little BGs privacy. Miss BG expressed some consternation over her internet presence, and I had to respect that. I won’t be putting up heaps of photos, but those on my Flickr account of the kids will be restricted to friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Post traumatic school drop off coffee

  1. To Miss BG, thank you for sharing the photo of your first day at school. I am so proud of you and I am sure your teacher is feeling very lucky to have you in her grade. Please will you show me some more of other special days when they happen.
    From Aunty Kerry

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