My Top 7 moments of 2003

I was having a coffee with a colleague, when I realised I had known this person for 10 YEARS, which meant I had been in my job for 10 YEARS. Somewhat mind-blowing, let me tell you, as it has been the longest I have been in any position. So in resurrecting my top seven series, these are my Top 7 moments from 10 years ago.

In 2003…

1. I left my job at the State Library of Victoria to go to my present position in May. When I announced I had great news, my parents instantly said “You’re pregnant”. They were about a year off :). I was sad to go, but my new job was a promotion in terms of money and also security. I was given a beautiful leather satchel as a leaving present which still gets used today.

2. Mr BG and I bought a house in Mount Waverley in August. It was a 3 bedroom townhouse with three bathrooms, a walk-in wardrobe and walking distance to Syndal station. It was only a few years old and absolutely gorgeous. The house was  just around the corner from our rental house, and we noticed there was a viewing on our way back home one Sunday. We had been planning on visiting it, but the real estate agent we had spoken to on the phone had been quite dismissive and said “You can look, but it’s probably out of your price range anyway.” The agent who showed us around was a different person and very nice. He got the commission!

3. In December I went with the lovely Ms S to Telstra Dome to see Duran Duran play for the very first time. They were supporting Robbie Williams, and by the time we sat down we had missed thier first song Planet Earth. I lost it though when they started the clicking intro to Girls on Film (ie I reverted back to a 14 year who would scream hysterically). Robbie was good too :).

4. Mr BG bought me a Royksopp 12″ remix of Coldplay’s clocks for Christmas, which he then transferred from LP to CD at a friend’s house for me to listen to. Quite different from today where a song can be easily downloaded :).

5. I discovered The White Stripes, with this becoming my favourite song

6. Mr BG and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by going on a romantic weekend away to Castlemaine and stayed in a quiet cottage on a property. In fact it was so quiet, a couple of residents had moved into the cottage. We heard a rustling in the attic space and a whoosh of air around our heads when we went to bed. Turning on the light,  we thought it was a bird that had gotten trapped in the cottage. Whatever it was had gotten a bit scared with the lights and flew around, with one stunning itself against a pillar. When we realised that it was a BAT we were a tad freaked out, and we managed to get it outside. However, when we turned out the lights, the rustling and whooshing around our heads continued and we spent a cramped night in our small car trying to sleep. We left a day early with the apologetic owners refunding our money. ‘I thought we had gotten rid of them!’ was their response.

7. Mr BG danced with me, and I didn’t force him to. This is a man who refused to dance at our own wedding, but he danced with me as this was the only way we could spend 5 minutes together. It was my sister’s wedding day and I was the matron of honour. It was a lovely day, incredibly full-on from 7am when I woke up and went for a walk to 11.30pm when I loaded the car up with wedding presents from the reception, drove back to where we were staying and collapsed into bed! It was the nicest thing I remember about the day.

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