It’s. a. flag.

It’s Australia Day, and Miss BG is very excited about it,  and has been counting down the sleeps to it. “What do you do on Australia Day?” she asked, all the while wearing the trucker cap featuring the Australian flag, lovingly purchased by her grandparents when she was there on her ‘holiday’.

We have, in the past, had a barbecue, invited a couple of friends over, and kept it low key. Today will probably be spent outside washing windows and removing cobwebs from the house, and possibly planning a front garden makeover. I’m fairly certain lamb will be on the menu in some shape or form, and maybe some pumpkin scones for arvo tea!

I’ve just never felt the need to celebrate Australia Day by emblazoning the Australian flag here, there and everywhere. I am tired of seeing the flag being used to brand everything from stubby holders to covers for your rear vision mirrors on your car. I am tired of seeing actual flags being worn as a cape at the Big Day Out and on Anzac Day, and for window displays. It’s getting to the point where I see it on anything other than a flagpole and I cringe!

It ought not be a marketing tool for Dick Smith nor a rallying point for bigots. It has become a symbol of disunity and division through its appropriation by drongos and dickheads. The ugly side of Australians seems to emerge around Australia Day and I wish so very much it would go away.

What I want to think about on Australia Day are those individuals who pledge their allegiance to Australia in citizenship ceremonies, who embrace the sense of community, and who have made a home for themselves, without the need to drape themselves in red white and blue. May you have an enjoyable public holiday, whatever you plan to do :).


3 thoughts on “It’s. a. flag.

  1. I so agree with you, we spent Australia day having hoons doing massive burn outs in the local court, calling the police out to try and stop them, calming down distressed elderly residents, and these hoons were proudly displaying the australian flag like it was some excuse to behave in this way. I cringe at the way the australian flag is used to rally some of the worst elements of our society.

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