The Revandah and the coke tin

Our front verandah (or as Master BG refers to it, the revandah) has been in dire need of attention since we moved into our yellow house over 4 years ago. The nails pop up, the boards are springy in some places, and a few boards bear evidence of long dead pot plants where dripping water did its thing.

So armed with a name of a builder (referred by a friend, which is THE way to find a good tradie in Ballarat), and a tax refund, we  are getting it rebuilt. It’s been repaired a couple of times over the 100 years the house has stood- we have counted 3 types of timber, all of varying widths and quality. The builder, Scott, believes the repairs may have been done in the 1950s first, then another lot done around 20 years ago, when extensive renovations were done to the house and to the backyard.

Scott and his friend Jay arrived Monday at a very civilized hour of 8.45am. At least it gave us plenty of time to look presentable before they arrive.

On Monday they ripped up the old boards, propped up the verandah with supports and dug holes for extra stumps to support the joists- in 38 degree heat. Those boys were amazing.

Goodbye Old Verandah!

The kids found ‘treasure’ in the form of an old coke tin! They also were fascinated by what was underneath their house.

Buried treasure

On Tuesday the builders replaced the old joists for new timber and filled the holes with concrete for the new supports.

Verandah Renovation

On Wednesday more supports were added, and then the builders took a break…for about six days. It took a phone call for them to turn up, with more boards, lots of nails and a saw.

Nearly there...

The renovations and seeing under the house has sparked an interest in our house and its former inhabitants. It may involve a trip to the Ballarat PROV Office to track down rates records and other sources to learn more about the house and the street.

And tonight it was finished- ta-da!

The verandah revealed #2013pad #happy365


4 thoughts on “The Revandah and the coke tin

  1. Looks fabulous! Our tax money went on a new shed. Hoping that the next two years worth will go on small extension (walk in robe and ensuite) then following that the big finally of a huge deck. In the meantime I’ll just admire yours…

    • Thanks :). They did a great job and it puts the rest of the house to shame. Time to clean the weatherboards of cobwebs, and redo the trims…it never stops!

  2. That verandah looks fantastic.
    Our verandah, concrete, appears to have developed some serious cracks! We’re not sure whether it is as a result of the very hot and dry weather or something more sinister. We will need to get it looked into.

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