Mini BG

Here is a photo of me when I was 5. It was the day of my fifth birthday and my mum had dressed me in a pink crochet dress. The crochet had stretched over the years, as it was originally created to fit me as a two year old.

me on my 5th birthday

My mum, bless her, had kept a number of clothes belonging to my sister and I and passed them on to me for miss BG. This is she wearing said pink dress.

Pretty in Pink

It has stretched a bit and it’s missing a ribbon which was worn around the waist, but it’s cute to see her in something I remember wearing :). As a little person, she loves dressing up in mum’s clothes (and shoes and makeup), and this was one thing she could wear which remotely fitted her.

I don’t remember what I was like at that age, and my parents are somewhat vague on the matter. Was I as headstrong, funny,  needing to be cuddled, annoying, and lovable? I do look at her and wonder, how much of me is in her? She is a delightful puzzle and one I will continue to decipher…


8 thoughts on “Mini BG

    • Thank you! They are an infinite source of wonder, especially when you’ve told them them for the hundreth time not to d something, and yet they continue to do it 🙂

  1. i love how her clothes are just swept aside on the floor with abandon. You can just feel the excitement and agerness of trying something new on. I spy a house of kiki amonst the disgards. Fabulous shot!

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