Big adventure for Little BGs

Yesterday I farewelled Master and Miss BG. They were heading down to Geelong to spend a week with their Nana and Papa. Initially, it was going to be just a couple of days, so I would be able to go to work, but mum insisted on having them for a week.

They were incredibly excited as they’re under the correct impression my mum will spoil them. They are heading off to Torquay today for a picnic, with several outings also planned that involve bookstores and ice cream. I’m very lucky that my parents are still hale and hearty enough to take the kids on, live an hour’s drive away, and are spoiling them in the way they never spoiled me (no, not bitter 🙂 *eye twitch*)

Meanwhile I have been doing jobs around around the house like

  • taking carloads of green waste, hard rubbish and paint cans to the tip
  • cleaning out the back of the car after taking all the rubbish to the tip
  • sorting out the games and photo cupboard
  • sorting out the kid’s craft area
  • putting stuff on Freecycle

Last night I picked up Mr BG from work and we went out for a DRINK! It was strange, as if the last eight years hadn’t happened. Then we got some Thai takeaway, something the kids wouldn’t really care for, then ate IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION, watching Season 6 of 30 Rock. It was bliss.

It’s also been terribly quiet…

Other exciting things are planned for the rest of the week, so stay tuned!


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