Things I have learned from the Courier this week

It is never the silly season for The Courier, as there is always something happening in Ballarat, six days a week, for it to report on. Even in the middle of summer, when people go away on holidays something happens and people make comments on the website.

People have lost homes, possessions, livestock and possibly livelihoods not far from Ballarat due to fire. Carngham, Chepstowe and surrounding areas were burned, including the historic Carngham Station. Luckily there were no human fatalities, but around six people have been treated for burns at the Base Hospital.

The Red Cross have an appeal for the Tasmanian Bushfires, but are happy to accept donations for other areas affected by fire, which sadly, is a regular occurrence in Australia during summer.

Oh and apparently a bike race is also on, in Ballarat and Buninyong. The amount of lycra-clad cyclists on the roads has increased exponentially, and a number of road closures have been playing havoc with motorists and retailers alike.

This year more of the events have been held in Ballarat, with the time trials having shifted from Learmonth to Wendouree Parade and Remembrance Drive (Avenue of Honour). Central Ballarat has also been shut down today with Sturt Street off limits to traffic as officials prepare for the criterium tonight.

It’s made traffic heavier, with it taking longer to get to places. I have to be in Geelong on Saturday for my nephew’s birthday, so will be crawling through Buninyong-again.

It’s has also affected retailers along the routes with downturns reported in Ballarat, a fresh take for The Courier, who have reported on downturns in Buninyong for the last few years.

Comments on the above article, criticising organisers, bemoaning a long trip to work or difficulties getting to suppliers have really left me quite unsympathetic to their plight. People have lost homes and pets, and you’re complaining about a 30 minute commute orr demanding compensation for loss of earnings? Please, get some perspective…


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