Finishing the unfinished

Polyxena asked me about the projects I was determined to finish by the end of the year, and for the most part they were done

  • 1 amigurumi doll I have to sew up- DONE
  • 1 scrapbook of a week in the life from 2011- DONE
  • 1 crocheted cardigan for Miss BG that when finished, will not fit her – RIPPED OUT and restarted to fit my little niece
  • 2 crocheted bibs for my niece-DONE!
  • 1 crocheted washer- DONE!
  • 1 half finished cardigan for myself- I lost my count doing a sleeve-RIPPED OUT SLEEVE and restarted
  • 1 half finished scarf – RIPPED OUT and restarted
  • 1 granny square blanket which needs to be sewn together after I finish putting the final trim around the squares- DONE!
  • Several pieces of fabric begging to be made into dresses, skirts, capes for the kids.- I have started on a dress, and will have some spare time in a week or two for some serious sewing.

Along the way I also

  • Framed 7 prints and posters that we bought overseas

From where I live-in my yellow hallway! #fmsphotoaday

  • Made a fez for Master BG- my first attempt at millinery

Fezzes are cool #drwho #halloween #madeitmyself

In my year of Being Mindful I want to finish what I start. One thing I never started last year was a ripple blanket; I ended up donating the wool to a retirement village in Ballarat for residents to use to knit toys for disadvantaged children. One of the ladies had a knitting machine and ended up using the wool to make teddies!

knitted teddy bearsI have a few balls of yarn left over from my granny square blanket which will be making their way to them very soon :).

2 thoughts on “Finishing the unfinished

  1. Seeing the fez on Master BG reminds me of a hilarious comedian Tommy Cooper. He was my dad’s favourite.
    The fez looks great on your son. Does he have any good jokes? πŸ™‚

    • He has a wide collection of joke books and loves to make some up of his own. Some of them aren’t bad πŸ™‚ .His teachers from kindergarten have labelled him the class clown, so when he doesn’t want to be a scientist, a writer or an inventor, he wants to be a comedian!

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