Two words

Be mindful.

That’s my resolution for this year, or rather my mantra for the year.

It means trying to think and act meaningfully, and thoughtfully, as well as reflecting on my actions and reactions,

The ways in which I’ll do this include

  • Watch what I eat, keeping track via an app on my tablet. But it also means, savoring and appreciating what I have, and trying not to multitask (read, check my phone, go on the PC) while I eat.
  • Spending less time in front of a PC mindlessly surfing and being constructive with my time at home and at work
  • Finishing what I start
  • Reflecting on the day, by taking a photo a day #2013PAD and by extension, a photo of what makes me happy #365happy. So no matter how flat or craptastic I may feel, I will always have at least one thing to feel good about.
  • Be mindful of where I shop, shopping at local supermarkets, butchers, and fruiterers rather than Coles or Woolworths.

That’s what the plan is and I’ll document it over the year.


6 thoughts on “Two words

    • I’m using MyfitnessPal, which you can use online as well. It calculates calories and exercise, and you can track your weight as well.

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